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Honghong Ship

Zhongshan Honghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, located in Zhongshan Shenwan Town Bamboo Pai Industrial Zone - beautiful Xijiang River, Xijiang Modaomen Waterway, covering an area of 50,000 m2, has a coastline length of 500 meters, a width of more than 250 meters, natural water depth of 8-13 meters. The factory is close to the Xijiang sub-channel, with superior construction and ship berthing sites, easy to go to sea, only 15 nautical miles from the waters of Macao, with natural geographical advantages. It is one of the large enterprises in the shipbuilding industry of Zhongshan, the national high and new technology enterprise.

There are 118 skilled workers, 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers, 4 assistant engineers, 11 senior technicians and 28 CCS licensed welders. The production facilities are complete.

(1) Factory site: 110m *30m open-air berth 4, 65m *20m workshop berth 2, 50m *20m workshop berth 2, 45m *13m slideway workshop berth 1, 85m *15m workshop berth 1.

Lifting force 3000t-5000t repair 2 floating dock (95m * 24m).

(2) Lifting equipment: 2 sets of air bags, 4 sets of automobile cranes, 3 sets of crawler cranes, 11 sets of hanging cranes in 5 tons workshop, and 2 sets of gantry cranes.

(3) Machine processing equipment: 4 lathes, sawing machines, drilling machines, pipe benders, edge folders, shears, rollers, bull head planers and other integrated equipment for ship processing.

(4) Complete welding and cutting equipment: 95 AC/DC welding machines, 50 CO2 gas shielded welding machines, 6 submerged arc welding machines, 8 carbon planers, 6 automatic cutting machines.

All kinds of testing equipment and measuring instruments are complete.

The company has the capacity to build 5,000 tons of steel ships with a single engine power below 3,000 KW. The main ships that our company has built in recent years are: 1 international grade multi-functional cutter suction dredger, 2 1200m3 coastal self-propelled open-body dredger, 3 1000m3 coastal self-propelled open-bed dredger, 3 8m3 coastal grab ship, 1 18m3 coastal grab ship, 2 1800t domestic grade container ship, 3 5000t domestic grade container ship, 100 m3/h coastal grab ship Concrete mixing boat 1, 3000t-5000t lifting force floating dock 3 and all kinds of coastal engineering ships, auxiliary ships. Since 2012, our company has opened up the construction business of fishing vessels in Hong Kong and Macao, signed more than 80 orders for the construction of wooden and steel fishing vessels, and has completed the construction of more than 50 steel fishing vessels of 33.8m, 34.5m, 38m, 40.8m, 42.2m, 42.8m, 44.8m and dozens of other types of wooden fishing vessels. All the ships constructed have passed the quality approval of China Ship Inspection Bureau (ZC), China Classification Society (CCS) and China Fishery Vessel Inspection Bureau (ZY). Get the praise from relevant departments and ships.

Since its inception, under the leadership of the chairman, general manager and factory director, our company has been producing in strict accordance with the requirements of China Shipbuilding Quality Standards (CCS) and China Classification Society's Steel Ship Classification and Construction Standards. The company strengthens quality management, fully implements the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, and passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification in December 2006, and passed the GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification in September 2013. It has obtained the Certificate of Qualification for Shipyard Production Technical Conditions issued by Guangdong Ship Inspection Bureau, the Certificate of Qualification for Building Steel Fishing Vessels and the Certificate of Qualification for Building Wooden Fishing Vessels issued by the State Ministry of Agriculture. The quality of the ship has passed the approval of the Maritime Inspection Bureau, CCS Inspection Office of China Classification Society and the Fishery Vessel Inspection Bureau of the People's Republic of China, and has been well received by relevant departments and customers.

The company attaches importance to production safety, constantly improve the internal rules and regulations of the enterprise, resolutely implement the "scientific management, quality-oriented, customer first, quality service" business policy. The company is a highly cohesive enterprise with sound institutional settings, clear division of labor among departments and full cooperation.